I’ve been programming computers since I was eight years old and do so professionally today – for much of the past thirteen years. I’ve also been blogging regularly for the past six years, but the two activities have rarely overlapped. The 1000+ posts on my personal blog mostly deal with philosophy, theology, music, and culture. Though my personal involvement with technology and software development in particular is frequently mentioned, it is rarely the sort of material that someone reading a programming blog might find of interest. I also have a small and much less active blog related to coffee and there is even less overlap there. So I’ve built this blog here to write about coding in particular. As personal blogging has been an excellent way to further my writing skills and force me to think about challenging topics, I hope this blog will serve to make me a better programmer and also provide an avenue for sharing some helpful information when the content isn’t a good fit for Stack Overflow or another online forum.

To any who happen this way – thanks for stopping by!

Contact Email: moscowcoffeereview@gmail.com

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