Pretty impressed with GitHub

I’ve been hearing about GitHub for quite some time and have stolen numerous bits of open-source code from there. I didn’t get what all the hubbub was about though until I decided to sign up and throw a small project up there last night.

Wow. Everything is pretty dang slick – the standalone desktop utility for committing new code (about a hundred times easier than installing Git from scratch), the nice looking code diffs,  history maps, and tidy interface. It truly ENCOURAGES you to jump into some open source project and start contributing. Kudos to lowering the barrier to entry. It’s akin to how MindStorm made robotics fun and easy to dabble in. I’m optimistic about uploading some of my old projects and sprucing them up a bit.

Git itself I could take or leave. SVN is just fine for many things. But the Hub is really a fine force for good on the web.

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